Transport services

Reliable transport from a single source

With our modern vehicle fleet, we are very flexible and we can meet every challenge. We offer an extensive range of services at highest quality-levels.

Togehther we can reach the targets with a cooperative partnership.

Weather-proofed loading and unloading

Your goods are always treated with the outmost caution. They are loaded and unloaded in our heated warehouse. Therefore your goods are protected from the elements.

Custom Procedure

We do not only transport your goods, we also arrange all custom procedures in case of crossing boarders transport.

Through extensive experience with a lot of customs agencies the handling is fast, straightforward and reliable.

Our sprinter-service

In case you have very urgent goods, we can guarantee fast delivery on short notice with our sprinter.

long material transport

Special know-how in using long material

Our warehouse is especially aligned on the storage of long material. The transshiping as well as the loading and unloading takes place at a hall which is protected from the elements. The warehouse is, especially for steel and metal, temperature-controlled. The high weight is no problem for our 5 tons and 12 tons fork-lift trucks.

Trailer trucks and tautliners with a convertible top (Edscha) can be used for transport. Our personnel is very experienced in handling long material, what you can see clearly in our customer satisfaction and our customer loyality.


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Machine transport

Machine transport on a high level

Based on our experience, we optimized our high level machine transport for you.

You can be convinced by our highly qualified personnel and the required equipment.

It is already routine to us to supply our customers 
'just-in-time' or 'just-in sequence'. You can find this in numerous customer evaluations.


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general cargo transport

System - logistics - safely to the destination

The online system-related logistics is an cooperation of medium-sized companies and owner-managed logistics companies all over Europe. With more than 82 logistical partners, 5 600 employees and a vehicle fleet of 
250 trucks, 
'Online' ranks among the leading medium-sized cooperations.

There are ideal bundling effects with short maturity times with the intelligent
'Hub and Spoke' system. This is an extremely efficient solution in distribution and in procurement logistics.

Our target is the performance of a high quality standard and the satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, all logistical partners are certificated regarding quality management, environment management and hygiene management. This is the reason why high uniform standards can be guaranteed.


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Special transport

Special vehicles for special goods

We offer individual solutions for special goods. 
It doesn't matter if the goods are too high, too long, too heavy weight or too wide - we always find an opportunity for you, following the slogan: 'Nothing is impossible'.

With our numerous and reliabe partners, we get your goods safely to the destination.


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Transport of oversized goods

In cooperation with our reliable partners, we offer solutions of transport in the
jumbo-sector. Oversized shipments can be bundled with the higher load volumes.

The usage of jumbo-vehicles can also make sense in combination with non-volume goods in case the available freight capacity can be used optimal.

This may lead to an efficient and economical transport of oversized shipment.

Air and sea freight

World wide networking

We offer fast and economical logistics solutions without geographical boundaries.

We take our time for each customer and find the best individual solution for him.

From this, we develop an customer-made, crosslinking interfacial logistical concept in the habitual high quality.

We offer our customers complex logistics solutions from a single source. This approach is rounded up by a global connection of air and sea infrastructure.

We are licensed regulated agent since 7th of January 2020. This means that we are allowed to ship and store air shipments without a change of the security status. So if we transport or store goods from our customers which have a secured status the shipment don’t have to be checked at the airport again.


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