Supply Chain Management

We create additional value

In our opinion, we are a part of your company as a logistics provider. Therefore we think that a good and fairly dealing partnership is indispensible.

Our target is to realize the maximum additional value for your complete supply chain.

We offer diverse possibilities to optimize your business processes.

Because we have already carried out projects successfully, we own the neccessary know-how and the experience to organise outsourcing-projects and consignment stocks according to your needs.

Logistical support along the supply chain

Specific solutions with additional value

As a service provider, the increasing logistical requirements are getting more and more important to us.

We added more logistical services to the common basic activities - transport, reloading and storage - to meet the individual requirements of our customers.

Through our comprehensive know-how in sectors like long goods, machinery, general cargo transport, assembly lines and workstation systems, individual and high-quality logistical solutions can be compiled and implementedĀ 
for you.


In our logistic departement we can offer the following value added services, wich are corresponding to your needs:

Warehouse logistics on a high level

Our warehouse performances

Carefully store leads to perfect delivery

  • long-term storage
  • handling dangerous goods
  • high-bay storage
  • a picking warehouse
  • a consignment warehouse

  • long goods storage
  • heavy goods storage
  • a general cargo warehouse
  • a handling warehouse
  • 10 000mĀ² lockable and heated storage and commission area
  • If required, you can leave your vehicle overnight/during the weekend in our hall to protect it from the elements.
  • Usage of 5 tons and a 12 tons fork-lift trucks for reloading heavy transportation units.
  • IT-based storage system with personalized customer login to display your stock.