Your requirements are our services

Unsere modernere Fahrzeugflotte

Our modern vehicle fleet

You can clearly see our high quality standards by looking at our vehicle fleet. Our vehicle fleet is always on current state. The average age of our vehicles is about two years.

Our vehicle fleet consists of 27 vehicles. We dispose up to 60 vehicles every day.

For urgent deliveries we offer a sprinter-service.

Unsere Werkstatt

Our garage

We were able to increase our flexibility by having our own garage.

Therefore most of the repairs can be made with a fast response.

Das Erscheinungsbild

The appearance

For cleanliness and maintenance we own a washing unit.

The appereance is very important to us.

Our garage can also be used by strange vehicles.


Period of employment

Because of the very low fluctuation, our company stands out due to qualified, experienced, satisfied and motivated personnel of many years.

Therefore there are obvious advantages: the knowledge of specifities of the goods, load security, places of loading and unloading as well as of transport procedures.


Renn - Habitual high quality

Our employees are trained continuously in many sectors to extend and improve the quality of the employee and therefore to improve and extend the quality of the whole company.

We ensure frictionless communication in the process of transport by having our German-speaking personnel.

Numerous evaluations of supplier confirm the reliability of our company.

With the punctual, intact and secure delivery of your goods, we are part of your image.




Quality management

We meet your requirements


Environment management

The environment is important to us

Gesundheit, Sauberkeit und Hygiene

Health, cleanliness and hygiene

play an important role for us