Current reports

Nine more environmental zones will be introduced until January 1, 2013. These environmental zones will especially be in Baden-Württemberg. The number of environmental zones has risen to 67, which is almost twice as much as in summer 2009.

January 2013

Schmitz Cargobull raises the prices for all series on all markets by 2.8%.

July 2013

Under regulation (EG) No. 595/2009 of the European Parlement and the Council of Europe of June 2009, Euro 6 will be obliged for the type approval of heavy goods vehicles from December 31, 2012 and for initial registration from December 31, 2013.

December 2012 / December 2013

Extensive changes of the travelling tax law will come into force.

January 2014

As of April 2014 there will be a time-depended charge for using the roads in Great Britain.

April 2014

Knowledge is the raw material of the future, above all in logistics, with its innovative solutions. With reference to this fact, logistics became a very attractive professional field with corresponding chances for graduates on accademic level. The transfer of logistical relevant knowledge takes as well place in logistics courses of studies as in subjects in which logistics can be chosen as a component.

The future of logistics